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Smart Contract Developer Tools: The Awesome-Last Repo

Use this resource to start your journey building on Last or any other EVM network.

The Awesome-Last repository is a curated hub for smart contract developer tools. It features education links and resources for web3 developers building in crypto, DeFi, and RWAs on Ethereum and across EVM L2 networks including the Last Network, Polygon, Arbitrum, Base, and many more.

Created in the style of curated Awesome repositories, Awesome-Last aims to be a comprehensive developer guide for building decentralized applications and tooling.

In addition to resources for any smart contract developer journey, Awesome-Last will have links and resources specific to building across the Last Network stack including details about Last Network validator requirements as they become available.

How to Use the Awesome-Last Repo

Bookmark and star this Awesome repo and join the developer community to track updates or add updates yourself. This is meant to be a comprehensive smart contract and crypto developer guide, so please contribute.

Navigate through key sections such as:

  • Web3 Developers Switch to Layer 2: Your introduction to Web3 development. Start your journey with foundational smart contract developer tools. This section covers Ethereum, Last, and Cosmos developer environments and documentation, offering a solid starting point for new developers.

  • Become a DeFi Developer: Build decentralized finance applications, integrate crypto wallet APIs, and learn about liquid-staked assets like stETH, rETH, and more. Find  articles, tutorials, and guides that will help you master DeFi concepts and dApps.

  • Utility Chain: Learn more about Cosmos SDK developer tools and how the Last Network’s L1 Utility Chain functions with the Cosmos SDK and CometBFT. This section provides background and insight into the technical underpinnings of the Utility Chain.

  • Utility Chain Node Operators: Technical documentation to run a Last Node and understand the mechanics of staked assets. Essential background for network validation and maintenance.

  • Last L2 Smart Contract Developer Tools: Introduction to the Arbitrum Nitro stack and the Stylus framework which makes Last EVM+. This section includes advanced tooling and integration guides.

  • veToken Governance: How token governance is designed in veToken systems including the Last Network. How to earn extra income using veToken governance models.

How to Contribute

Awesome-Last is open source and accepts contributions. Start by exploring the Awesome-Last repository. Familiarize yourself with the existing content and see how it can benefit you. Build something. 

If you notice areas that can be improved, please suggest relevant resources. They can be yours or ones that you know from other parts of the web. Create a PR and become a contributor to the Awesome-Last yourself!

Last Labs DevRel will review PRs on a regular basis. 

How to submit a PR:

  • Make a pull request: If you have great materials to add, make a pull request on GitHub. Use Markdown format to add a link to the repository itself to ensure your additions meet our standards.

  • Discuss topic: Share ideas about what should be added to this Awesome-Last Repo. Engage with other community members. Welcome others and be open-minded. Remember that this is a community, and we build Last together.

  • Reach out: For more information or if you need help with the contribution process, reach out to us through the Last social channels.

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